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by a US Military Veteran

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Rug Odor Treatment

If stains are left untreated or a rug is left dirty for a long time, the rug can begin to smell. Home treatments are often unable to remove these odors, leaving your rug smelling bad. Our Odor Treatment service will remove the odors from your rug, leaving it smelling fresh. We will identify the causes of the odors and choose the correct methods to remove the odors from your rug while not causing damage.
Most rug odors are cause bu our furry little friends attracted to those natural fibers and they want to mark them with urine.  With our pet soak immersion service, we can guarantee 100 percent odor removal for pet odor of your area rug

Often the odors in your rug are caused by mold and mildew, presenting a health concern to you. It is important to use a professional service to treat these odors, ensuring adequate cleaning, odor removal, and that your rug is not damaged. Our skilled technicians will correctly identify the cause of the odors and choose the appropriate methods and equipment to ensure your rug is returned smelling fresh and without damage. If your rug has bad odors, call today to schedule an appointment!

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