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Owned And Operated
by a US Military Veteran

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On-Site Rug Cleaning - DFW

Off-site rug cleaning, where your rug is picked up and taken to a facility for cleaning, can be expensive. Our on-site rug cleaning service can be an affordable and effective way to clean your rug without spending a lot of money. On-site rug cleaning can be an economical way to effectively clean your rug while ensuring it won’t be damaged. Our technicians will use the appropriate equipment and methods to clean your rug, making sure to clean high traffic areas and preserve the colors and structure of the rug. 
Please note:  Not all rugs can be cleaned on-site.  Some silks, thin wool rugs, viscose, and art silk need to be cleaned off-site where the environment can be controlled.  

Our on-site rug cleaning service can remove stains, embedded dirt, and restore your rug to a like-new condition better than a standard carpet cleaning service, and more importantly, your rug is not at risk of being damaged by improper cleaning methods or chemicals. The border of the rug is cleaned with special tools, with care being taken to avoid damaging the edges. Proper cleaning solutions and water temperatures are used and multiple drying passes are made to ensure your rug is left the same color and texture and dry. If you need your rug cleaned affordably and practicably, call today to schedule an appointment!

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